Okinawa// All the edible things ~ Mini Review Part 1

Last month, we get to escape the residual winter weather and traveled back to Okinawa, the most southern parts of Japan, for the second time. This time around we were able to explore the island just a little bit more and eat a little bit more. 

Rest Stops

First off, being able to drive up and down the highways and winding roads like the locals gave us access to the famous Japanese rest stop food!


Left to Right : Spam sandwiches, little hot food stall beside the convenient store at the rest stop, Ishigaki beef croquette from the stall

The spam sandwiches are a common thing in Okinawa due to the influence of Americans on the island. It is a good twist to the traditional onigiri (seaweed wrapped rice ball). The Ishigaki beef croquette was tasty but it was hard to taste the difference of Ishigaki meat because the potatoes and seasoning mostly overpowers the beef. Nevertheless it was still darn delicious.

Bakery Suien

After our visit to the famous Zakimi Castle at Yomitan, we stumbled across this hidden organic bakery/cafe.


The breads are mostly yeast based and used local ingredients including brown sugar and purple yam. The banana bread was the most delicious among the various breads we tried there. The coffee was hand dripped to perfection; and the tea was brewed fresh in the pot upon order. The whole cafe was filled with the scent of dried herbs which hung as a chandelier at the centre of the cafe. It was really a great place to relax after walking for so long the whole day.


The famous Cremia ice cream that is only found in Japan is for sure a must try, especially in this tropical setting. You can find it at restaurants and cafes in Okinawa.


Please excuse us for our not so perfect Cremia as we were too excited to try it and almost forgot to take a picture. The Cremia soft-serve is made of high quality fresh cream from Hokkaido which gives it its rich creamy texture. The crepe waffle also adds to the tastiness of this soft-serve. The crepe waffle kinda reminded me of the other famous Japanese dessert – Yoku Moku. Overall, if you like dairy, you will love this!

Mini review Part 2 coming soon……

Bakery Suien : 367, Zakimi, Yomitan, Nakagami District, Okinawa

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