Okinawa // C&C Breakfast, Hawaii meets Okinawa


In the midst of a traditional Japanese market in Okinawa, we accidentally stumbled upon a rather urban, western-style cafe called C&C Breakfast. Little did we know that this place serves some of the best pancakes and coffee we have had in Japan.


Lost in Makishi Market while trying to find a bathroom … and this is what I found.


The cafe is cozy in size and is decorated with tropical elements. At the back there is a table displaying pottery by local Okinawan artists.


First we ordered an açaí bowl with iced tea. The drip coffee was supposedly delicious, light and well balanced.


The best part about this açaí bowl is the house made granola, which the cafe also sells in to-go packages. The granola had a good crunchy texture and is very flavorful.


The bestsellers in the cafe are the soufflé pancakes. You can either order original with lilikoi sauce (passion fruit), strawberry sauce (bottom of the photo) or the “fruit special” , which we didn’t order (see their website below).


The soufflé pancakes were exactly as you would imagine – soft, jiggly, and light, like eating marshmallow clouds. The whipped cream is light and complements the lilikoi butter harmoniously. The combination of texture and refreshing flavor is just perfect in the hot, island weather.

C&C Breakfast Cafe: 2 Chome 2-9-6, Naha-shi,, Matsuo, Takamine biru (building) Okinawa 900-0014

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