Tainan // All the edible things ~ Mini Review Part 2


The quest for delicious food continues through the streets of Tainan. With food stalls and restaurants within walking distance from our hotel, there was no problem finding local Tainan dishes that we wanted to try.

One of the most famous dishes in Tainan is the room temperature fresh beef (溫體牛). The animal is slaughtered that same day, usually in the morning. This leads to the habit of some people in Tainan eating fresh beef soup (牛肉湯) as part of their breakfast. In fact, one of the dishes in our breakfast buffet was the fresh beef soup.


This satay beef hot pot restaurants get super busy during dinner time and is located next to our hotel. We finally gave in and decided to see what the big deal is. Turns out this was a really good hot pot. The fresh killed beef was so tender that you should only cook it for 5 seconds in the pot and eat it with the in house satay sauce. Plates of small oysters, clams and local squid were also very tasty. Lastly, the price of this restaurant is super cheap. I definitely recommend having a group dinner here if you ever visit Tainan!


Post dinner, pre-night market dessert at the traditional shaved ice (剉冰) shop across from our hotel. The ingredients were all freshly made on the day of so the selection is in limited quantity and was selling out after we got our plates (pheww….). We had condensed milk with red beans, assorted tropical fruits and eight ingredients assorted plate.


One of my favorite dishes, oyster omelettes (蚵仔煎), is commonly seen in Taiwan’s night markets. The omelettes consisted of local small oysters, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, eggs with some batter and topped off with a sweet savory sauce. I found that the ones in Tainan have more oysters than the ones in Taipei, and is also cheaper.


More night market charcoal grilled clams! I am addicted to these clams as you can’t get these ones in the North America (sadness). The clams are so plump and juicy. It is as if the ocean has exploded in your mouth and all you taste is the umami of the sea!!


Three cups marinated (三杯滷汁) items of your choice in the night market. I haven’t seen these type of marinades in Taipei. I ordered duck tongues and pig blood cakes and they were not bad at all though I like my pig blood cakes more crunchy (deep fried version).

We ate so much food during our stay in Tainan that the food equates to the amount of calories we burnt walking around. There are even more special Tainan dishes that I haven’t gotten to try during this trip. Tainan is definitely a place to revisit next time I go back to Taiwan.

大口味沙茶爐 No. 26 Section 3 Hai’an Road, North district, Tainan, Taiwan
黃火木台味冰店 No. 55 Section 3 Hai’an Road, North district, Tainan, Taiwan
Da Dong Night Market, Tainan, Taiwan

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