Toronto // Imanishi, after work get away

If you are looking for a great after work drink and dining spot, Imanishi Japanese Kitchen offers both creative Japanese izakaya dishes and basic home style dishes with a variety of drinks and cocktails. 

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen is located to the west of core downtown Toronto on Dundas Street West. This izakaya style restaurant has an inconspicuous store front that requires a bit of back and forth to find.

The restaurant has a pretty set menu of small sharing plates and large individual combos. It also offers seasonal items on top of their regular menu, which is one of the great things about dining at Imanishi.


Cilantro & Shrimp Salad

This refreshing cilantro & shrimp salad was super tasty and is definitely a rare dish in Japanese restaurants (from what I have noticed most Japanese people do not like cilantro.. but this is just my observation based on my friends). The deep friend garlic and the house made dressing are the two key items that made this salad so appetizing. This dish was off of the seasonal menu back in  June so I am not sure if you will get to taste it .


Beef Tataki

The fried chickpea adds texture to this delicious dish. This dish is a no brainer and is typically seen in izakayas.


Corn Kakiage

This is probably one of my favorite dishes from Imanishi. The dish is so light and refreshing yet the sweetness of the corn almost tasted buttery. This is a perfect snack to have with beer and I usually end up ordering a second portion.


Grilled Squid

This is another dish that I always ordered when I go to Imanishi. The squid is perfectly grilled to the right tenderness. The little charred ends and tentacles are the best parts of the squid.


Sashimi Plate

The ingredients for the sashimi plate changes depending on the availability of seafood. The scallops we had were super delicious. You can taste the sweetness lingering in your mouth. The other fish were just at the right temperature (room temperature) and slowly melted in your mouth.


Wagyu Don

This wagyu don was also on the seasonal menu. I wanted a more substantial dish to fill our tummies. This is definitely a fancier gyu don then I was used to but nonetheless very flavourful and tender. I don’t think I would order this again for what it is, but instead I would order the katsu curry that is on the regular menu.

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen: 1330 Dundas Street West , Toronto, Canada

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