Tainan // Get yourself Goin

One of our many discoveries while taking a walking tour of Tainan was stumbling upon this unique hostel that was renovated from a traditional Taiwanese home. Goin Old House & Bar was started up by a young couple who had grown to love the city of Tainan and decided to move there to start their own business. They also decided to open a bar on the first floor of the hostel, a very intimate and charming space. It is as if you are going to your friend’s place for a good time.

The owners are also the bartenders. Though they may not have had the efficiency of those who had been bartending as a career, the effort and creativity that was put into each drink was incredible. Needless to say, the cocktails were DELICIOUS.


Good Morning – gin, lilliet, vermouth blanc, wild elderflower, tonic bitters, angostura bitters, fresh lemon juice, cucumber and soda water

This drink is refreshing and fruity, perfect for good start to the morning.


Goin Old Fashioned – gin, antica formula, punt e mes, brandy soaked cherry

This is by far the most elaborate old fashioned I have ever seen. The skull is first smoked with cypress, then the owner chipped the square ice block into a sphere. The drink is then pour into the smoked glass. As you open it and pour out the cocktail, the smoky aroma filled your nostrils giving you both the sense of taste and smell in perfect harmony.


Miss Tainan – gin, sloe gin, rouge vermouth, blanc vermouth, orange bitters, boker’s bitters, plum powder, preserved fruits (Traditional Taiwanese style)

This is probably one of my favorites. The combination of sweetness, tartness and savory taste was perfectly balanced.

The owners were super chill and nice. From chatting with them and watching them behind the bar, you can feel their passion for this space. My friends and I very much enjoyed their hospitality.

Goin Old House & Bar is truly the quintessential Tainan experience and I would return in a heartbeat.

Goin Old House & Bar : No. 70, Heping Street, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 台南市中西區和平街70號

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