Taipei // All the edible things ~ Mini Review Part 2

This mini review Part 2 continues my food adventure in Taipei …. Other must eat items on this trip back to Taiwan are of course the famous Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), some beef noodle soup and night market food.

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Taipei // Mountain and Sea House, quintessential of Taiwanese cuisine

This past Summer, I had the chance of showcasing Taiwan to a group of my friends from Canada. I decided to look up places where I can introduce my friends to the classics of Taiwanese cuisine. A lot of the blog posts I have found recommended Mountain and Sea House, where quintessential Taiwanese banquet food is served.

Traditional Taiwanese banquet foods are known to differ from house to house. Back in the old days, prominent families were able to recruit their own chefs who created signature banquet dishes specific to each household. As time went on, these dishes are slowly lost and it is difficult to find chefs that still know how to cook these traditional Taiwanese dishes.

There are a lot of delicious traditional dishes that I have never tasted before that was available at Mountain and Sea House. This dining experience was certainly a treat for not only my friends but also for me!

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Tainan // Get yourself Goin

One of our many discoveries while taking a walking tour of Tainan was stumbling upon this unique hostel that was renovated from a traditional Taiwanese home. Goin Old House & Bar was started up by a young couple who had grown to love the city of Tainan and decided to move there to start their own business. They also decided to open a bar on the first floor of the hostel, a very intimate and charming space. It is as if you are going to your friend’s place for a good time. Continue reading