Osaka // A half day food affair

During my most recent trip to Japan over the Christmas holiday, my friends and I decided to do a quick day trip to Osaka from Kyoto on Christmas day. Knowing Osaka as the food capital of Japan, we didn’t bother planning where to eat and just let spontaneity take its course.
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Toronto // Tachi, first stand-up sushi restaurant in Canada

So many exciting new dining options have been emerging in Toronto’s food scene in the past few years and one of the most recent additions is Assembly Chef’s Hall located in downtown Toronto. Its concept resembles that of New York’s Chelsea Market or the Canal Street Market, where various food vendors set up in a food court-like fashion.

Among the various vendors in Assembly Chef’s Hall, some places can be hit or miss. Tachi, the first stand-up sushi restaurant in Canada, was definitely a grand slam in my book.

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Tokyo // Gohanya Isshin, does the basics right


One thing I love about travelling in Tokyo is that you never know what you will stumble upon. Outside of the touristy areas, I love exploring the different neighbourhoods within this city. On my most recent trip to Tokyo over the Christmas holiday, my friends and I came across this contemporary Japanese style restaurant located in the basement of a building in the Daikayama neighbourhood.

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